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Why Commercial Investors are turning to Central Florida

Don't let this creative family entertainment center fool you, things are right side up in the Central Florida commercial real estate market. (WonderWorks)

All eyes are, and have been for some time, on Florida due to many of the State’s unique offerings: warm weather, no state income tax, great roads, high tourism, and incredibly low commercial costs in some of the most high-traffic areas. As those factors help narrow a commercial investors' state of choice, the individual or company ready to invest within the Sunshine State is undoubtedly peering at the most central part, fondly referred to as the heart of Florida.

Orlando, Winter Park, Kissimmee and a few others are the cities making up the investment goldmine of Florida. Orlando has consistently been found as a top-rated city in the nation for real estate investing generally. Let’s review why.


Sure, it’s a given. But what we’re now realizing is the allure and attraction of physical entertainment, i.e. theme parks, are still at the top of their game. The New York Times reported that Disney is dumping more and more loads of profit back into their magical real estate (yes, more so than their movies), because Mickey’s business is booming. If you’re looking at commercial properties that can serve B2C commercial residents, simply consider the city where all of the world is seeking to spend their vacation budget.

A restaurant within the recently develop shopping complex, Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney)

A Home for STEM’s Future

Just like “the world’s hottest startup company,” a groundbreaking virtual reality company called Magic Leap chose a small city in southern Florida to be home, the tech climate of Florida is now found to be more welcoming than the Silicon Valley. Keep an eye on the actual real estate properties these startup owners and investors are eyeing because it won’t be available for long. Even Bloomberg called Orlando “the next Silicon Valley.” Central Florida leadership is doing its part to increase property value and draw attention to rising STEM initiatives through organizations like The Florida High Tech Corridor and Orlando Tech Association.

Expansion and Care of the Urban Area

Unlike cities and regions in the U.S. holding millions of residents, Orlando is still quite roomy. There are key areas even near downtown that must, and certainly will, be occupied as businesses and young people alike move into the city. The availability is currently plentiful and the desirability is increasing. Orlando leadership has taken extra measures to continuously improve the business climate, which means quick buyers or long-term residents for you.

Dynetech Centre is a 31-story office and residential building overlooking Lake Eola in Orlando, Florida (Wikipedia)

Putting these fun facts aside, yes, Florida is still ranked #4 in the nation for our commercial Tax Laws by The Tax Foundation - and it’s the only state in the top 10 with metropolises like Orlando. The infrastructures and quality of life are also in the top rankings for the U.S. And while these speak volumes about the state as a whole, the experienced, smart commercial investor knows that the core of the state is bringing back some of the biggest returns.


Scott Callahan is the Managing Partner of Salerno Capital Partners, an opportunistic investment firm focused on providing capital to businesses throughout the U.S. He is a dedicated philanthropist in the Orlando community, and oversees the Callahan Family Foundation.

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