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When you give a Real Estate Investor a Lawyer…

Updated: Nov 23, 2018

Considerably, the least enticing part about acquiring commercial real estate are the legal ramifications and expenses. And while not all are created equal, thankfully, there is a subset of humans who are equipped and trained to take you through the process straight into the joy, pride, and perhaps the financial freedom of making your first real estate investment. So what does, or should, a real estate investment lawyer do for you - the amateur investor?


Especially, when working with new contractors or entering the area of commercial investments, there are a lot of ill-willed hired help that can amp up your liabilities and cut into your property value through entirely unnecessary means. An experienced investment attorney’s s job is to help oversee your property contractors and provide legal support and guidance when you’re presented with their terms.


The novice real estate investor would need years of experience to grasp the breadth of legal regulations and protections that exist for this arena of investing. A lawyer isn’t hired solely for safety measures, with vast and wide experience, a lawyer should be hired to help you build your business structure that will successfully meet your investment goals.


Unlike a real estate agent dealing with situation at hand, a lawyer’s role is to help you prepare and anticipate the situations to come. At minimum, prepare all the questions and fears you have going into the venture, to make the most of your time with your real estate investment lawyer (and not any other type of lawyer!).

Whether it’s proactive preparation for the contractors you will be hiring and working with, to legal guidance over your entire investment business structure, invest in the success of the project by opening up to the guidance and oversight of a professional in those specific services: your friendly neighborhood real estate investment lawyer.

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