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Why We Give Back

William Scott Callahan, Winter Park with more than three Orlando-based decades of experience in real estate law, as a real estate investor, and community service.

The act of taking and giving are two opposite, but simultaneous actions that occur. As someone is giving out, another person is taking in. At a point in our lives, we have benefited from one thing or the other that was produced from the efforts of certain persons...

For a community to keep thriving, so that others can benefit as well, there is a need to give back to replenish what has been taken. It is an endless cycle we are a part of and nothing makes it more valid than the act of giving.

The likes of Bill and Melinda Gates, William Allen, Micheal Bloomberg and other humanitarians and philanthropists in the world give back based on the Principle of 'Give and Take'. It is their own little way of saying that they would not have been who they are, if not for the roles played by their various communities. The people they met, the resources they utilized, the platforms the climbed on, and so on, all contributed to their success.

There are people who depend on what is given back to the community as a means of livelihood, as the path to their own success. To give these people a chance at life to be whomever they want to be is to give back to the community. Why should you give back? Here is the answer.

1. Give because you are grateful

The act of giving can be seen as a way of showing gratitude especially to those that have had it tough and eventually made it. You can give as a means of being thankful for all that has happened in your life. Your life, the lives of your loved ones, your work, your home, your career, your finances and so on. Someone out there is somewhere struggling to get by to attain those things you have, giving to such causes and people shows your appreciation for what has been given to you.

2. Give as an act of humanity

Another importance of giving is that it is an act of humanity. To feel compassion, love and care for people that are not related to you is the core of humanity. With such acts, it encourages people around you to give as well, creating a more humane community. Giving out to those in need is a selfless act that needs to be awakened in more people.

3. Give to reduce sufferings

Not all fingers are equal and not everyone leads a comfortable life. There are people in our own neighborhood, our children’s schools, that are going hungry, that cannot afford an education, and do not have access to healthcare. Giving back to local efforts can help reduce these sufferings and help the community thrive. Decide what you’re passionate about helping, or causes that you find important. Research the organizations that are already helping to meet those community needs, and determine what your role can be in it.

4. Give to spread resources

Some people are blessed with abundant wealth and resources, while some lack a lot. Giving helps to spread wealth amongst communities, nations, continents. It leads to unity and nation-building. It also fosters international policies on sensitive matters. International Organizations like World Health Organization (WHO), World Bank, United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and so on, we're established to spread such resources.

5. Give just to give

Yes, it is a good reason to give for the sake of giving. It makes you feel good as you contribute to the lives in your community, as there’s a special euphoria to doing something that matters. It matters to know that you have made a difference somewher and it also helps you to grow as a person. You can contribute to the future of an struggling child through the act of giving. You can save a hungry family through the act of giving. You can do a lot of good by simply giving.

Giving back is a selfless act that should be imbibed by all. The community we live in has given so much to us and to whom much is given, much is expected.

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